Guest House Michishio

address 424-2, Hikino, Yuge, Kamijima-cho, Ochi-gun
tel 080-1453-0360
This guest house is located in the village of Yugejima Island, a small island south of Innoshima Island. While meals are not provided, guests can use the communal kitchen. (English level - medium comprehension.)
 ※ Kindly contact the lodging directly to confirm services and facilities as the information can change from time to time.
Services and facilities
Type   Details
Bicycle storage 自転車の保管 ○ Bikes can be taken into guest rooms without dismantling. Bikes can also be parked in lobby or outdoor bike parking lot.
Bike delivery 受取・送出サービス ○ Capacity to receive and store up to 5 bikes.
Repair and maintenance メンテナンス ○ Repairs possible in outside garage. Bike pumps available.
Use of shower outside business hours シャワー ○ Showers can be used any time while checked-in.
Laundry ランドリー ○ Washing machine, dryer and detergent (free) available.
Internet インターネット ○ Wi-Fi available.