Ryokan Chaume

address 5467, Miyaura, Omishima-cho, Imabari
tel 0897-82-0008
url https://www.chaume.jp
A long-standing inn from the Meiji-era (late 19th century), this ryokan is the only accommodation in the area designated by Oyamazumi Shrine, the island's famous shrine. Guests can enjoy the traditions and atmosphere of this historical inn, as well as its shuttle service to nearby Mare-gracia Omishima, a saltwater spa facility. On departure, guests are given a complimentary energy drink.
 ※ Kindly contact the lodging directly to confirm services and facilities as the information can change from time to time.
Services and facilities
Type   Details
Bicycle storage 自転車の保管 ○ Bikes can be parked in locked garage.
Bike delivery 受取・送出サービス ○ -
Repair and maintenance メンテナンス ○ Repairs possible in outdoor car parking lot or bike parking area.
Use of shower outside business hours シャワー ○ Showers can be used after check-in from 5-10pm. No use at other times.
Laundry ランドリー ○ Washing machine and detergent available (fees charged).
Internet インターネット ○ Wi-Fi access possible.