Komogakushi Onsen Hotel Sanyo Club

address 2559, Iwagi, Kamijima-cho, Ochi-gun
tel 0897-75-3250
url http://www.komogakushi.com/
This onsen hotel is located on the small island of Iwagijima, just east of Hakatajima Island and only accessible by boat. It is particularly reknown for its high-end cuisine and open-air and natural hot spring baths, great for relaxing after a day outdoors. All rooms offer uninterrupted views of the Seto Inland Sea.
 ※ Kindly contact the lodging directly to confirm services and facilities as the information can change from time to time.
Services and facilities
Type   Details
Bicycle storage 自転車の保管 ○ Bikes can be parked in locked room.
Bike delivery 受取・送出サービス ○ -
Repair and maintenance メンテナンス ○ Repairs possible outdoors.
Use of shower outside business hours シャワー ○ Each guest room has a private bathroom with bath and shower. Possible to also use shower room near lobby outside check-in hours (free for guests).
Laundry ランドリー ○ Guests need to pay at reception to use washing machine (no dryer available).
Internet インターネット ○ Wi-Fi available.